I took office as Sandoval County sheriff two years ago, and since that time, I have worked tirelessly to improve the agency.

The sheriff’s office has moved forward and has made many first-ever improvements in this time frame. These improvements have had a major impact on the sheriff’s office and have helped to strengthen public safety in Sandoval County.

Such improvements include:

  • A yearly budget increase in areas such as overtime, uniforms, ammunition and training line items.
  • The purchase of body armor for all members of the sheriff’s office to replace expired armor.
  • The purchase of police vehicles for the Patrol Division. A change was made to SUVs to better serve deputies and store their required equipment. Also, an animal control vehicle and a new transport van were purchased for the first time since 1995.
  • Other equipment purchased was two new sets of uniforms, flashlights, training rounds, training guns, ammunition, firearms, riot helmets, personnel protective equipment and tourniquets acquired from the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy.
  • Staffing has also been increased by the addition of five new deputy positions. The sheriff’s office applied for and was granted the five deputy positions through the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Grant.
  • Divisions: I have created and staffed several new divisions within the office. The divisions are the K9 units, Street Crimes Unit and three security officers. All these divisions are the first-ever in the history of the sheriff’s office.
  • Training has been transitioned from the classroom to virtual training. The transition allows deputies to complete their required training on duty over the computer. The virtual training cuts down on overtime and staffing issues.
  • Standard operating procedures are now being updated and revised to meet the latest policing standards and requirements.
  • An animal control temporary shelter was purchased and is now operational. The temporary shelter is of great benefit to the animal control staff and is a secure, safe place for animals to be housed.
  • The Computer-Aided Dispatch System is now up and running. The CAD and reporting system is allowing better communication, as well as a better report system.
  • A new public-safety building is currently in the planning and development stage. The location for the new complex has been selected and the building will begin soon.
  • A multi-jurisdictional drug task force is in the early stages of development. I have worked with other local law enforcement agencies to develop the drug task force. A number of these agencies are interested and have attended the initial meetings.

I will continue to work with local officials and state leaders to acquire funding for the sheriff’s office. I am attempting to build a strong, solid working foundation with all the other law enforcement agencies in Sandoval County.

Together we will continue to keep our team and community safe.

Jesse James Casaus

Sandoval County Sheriff