It saddens me to point out the dearth of common sense in the New Mexico state government. At every turn, it seems they choose a new path that will beat down our citizens just like a hammer on a nail.

We are now in the second two-week lockdown. The first two-week lockdown in March lasted for almost 200 days, causing the destruction of many businesses and jobs.

This second lockdown will cause more destruction to our society — desperation, loss of resilience and so on.
What are the real issues facing us? The hospitals are filling up.

What is the state government’s response? Pound a stake into our future.

What other choices could our politicians make? Perhaps getting more hospital capacity?

In New York City, back in May, there was a huge “hospital tent city” erected to handle their hospital overflow. It was erected in three days, staffed by federal government medical teams. We could have smaller versions of them in Shiprock, Portales, Roswell, Las Cruces and Albuquerque in a matter of days. All it would take is a telephone call.

Someone, get these numbskulls to pick up the phone, please, and open us up again.

Alastair Black

Rio Rancho

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