In mid-January 2019 on a Saturday, someone surrendered this sweet dog to Rio Rancho Animal Control. We were told she was 3 years old.

When we went to see her, she was so frightened she just trembled all over. It was sad to see.

But she really clung to my husband, and so our long hunt for a dog to fill the hole in his heart caused by losing his last companion came to a close.

When they released her to us, we stopped first at the vet. The next morning she went to the groomer for a bath and much-needed haircut.

Then she was really able to settle into her new home. Settle in, she did!

She quickly learned all she needed to know about us and our life: easily went into a crate at night and when we had to leave the house, and became devoted to my husband. He uses a cane and sometimes a walker, and she learned to stay right behind him and out of the way as she “escorts” him up or down the hallway.

She sleeps in his lap in the evening in front of the TV. She is a sweet, loving little companion.

We have put the crate away now; she is trusted completely. She still barks at the doorbell, but that’s not such a bad thing.

She loves to run — flat out, as fast as she can around our big back yard — and you can see in her expression that it’s really fun for her.

Anyway, if you were the one who gave her up, we just wanted to thank you and let you know that she has a loving forever home.

Also, thanks to the folks at Rio Rancho Animal Resources for providing a safe place she could be dropped off.

Janice Grimes

Rio Rancho