I fnd it appalling the City of Rio Rancho will not seek reimbursement for the expense of nearly a quarter-million dollars paid by the taxpayers, both Democrat and Republican. This was not an official presidential visit but merely a rally to soothe a narcissistic conman’s ego, at our expense!

Surely the funds recovered could go far in a city that needs potholes fixed or help feed or clothe underprivileged children in this poorest of states. Exactly what were the city officials thinking?

Oh, wait! They weren’t. I hope all taxpayers remember this when it’s time to vote these city officials out of office.

Also, roughly $96,000 to organize this event? How about printing a line-item cost breakdown so our citizens can see exactly who benefited from this.

It seems a fairly steep price for something that was quickly put together, let alone with the help of the Secret Service.

I smell something and it isn’t pretty.

William Rehm

Rio Rancho resident for 15 years