After reading two articles in the Observer newspaper, I find it necessary to respond on a view of what was written. The subjects in question are as follows: the City of Rio Rancho and the Friends of the Libraries and Literacy, and the City of Rio Rancho and Ram Motors.

Reading these two articles, there appears to be a disturbing trend about some of our city’s officials engaging in conflicts with organizations who have been in Rio Rancho for a number of years. The word “unprofessional” was mentioned, and the definition is as follows: “Unprofessional: Nonprofessionals; violating the ethical code of a given profession.’

Let’s discuss ethics: “conforming to professional standards of conduct; conforming to moral standards.”

As a resident of Rio Rancho for over 37 years, I find these articles about being unprofessional are not beneficial for our City of Vision. It is important to note that this city must provide a vision of good will to all our businesses and organizations that provide a vital service to the residents of our city and the surrounding area.

Going forward the City of Rio Rancho (governing body) and its “professional” employees must continue to offer the best possible leadership for our city’s reputation. This city is a very good place to live for all our residents, businesses, our two hospitals and an exceptional school district. With that in mind, we as a city must understand that maintaining a good reputation is vital for our future.

I may not fully understand the details about these two articles, but I believe it is not what I, and perhaps others, would not like to read in the future. Perhaps a possible change is needed for individuals in their actions, character and ethics.

Let’s start 2021 with a new understanding about what being professional is really all about: A reassessment how we want to be a better professional is perhaps a good New Year’s resolution to follow up on.

Thomas E. Carter

Rio Rancho