With democracy on November’s ballot, progressives must act to ensure that we preserve the system of government envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

We have already won the war of ideas. Especially with the onslaught of COVID-19, Americans increasingly favor universal health coverage. A majority of all Americans believe that climate change should be a top priority for the president and Congress.

Our only chance to meaningfully address the many critical issues facing our country — public and personal health, the environment, resuscitation of our economy, wealth inequality, student debt, immigration, mass incarceration, public education and more — is through our vote in the November election.

Another Supreme Court justice in the mold of the two most recent appointees would be fatal to our civil liberties and civil rights.

The self-anointed “pro-life” conservatives have been exposed as not even remotely valuing life. They have allowed COVID-19 to become a catastrophe and caused countless unnecessary deaths by first denying the pandemic and then delaying and bumbling its response.

They told us the elderly should become human sacrifices on the altar of the stock market so business as usual can quickly resume. They suggested we pack the churches on Easter despite a life-threatening contagion ravaging our country.

They withheld life-saving equipment and supplies to punish blue states or had governors who failed to show sufficient appreciation. What could be less life affirming?

Our votes will write the next chapter of American history. Let’s write a chapter that cherishes our democracy and works to make it better.


William C. Bumgarner