In the midst of deep distress and concern for our nation, I turn to your newspaper in an effort to find a way to express my very real fear that the current actions of President Trump will lead to disaster for our nation.

His unwillingness to include the Biden team in the daily security briefings puts our nation at risk. In all other administrations, the outgoing president has immediately granted access to the incoming president as part of a smooth transition.

The firing of his Secretary of Defense and the appointment of a person not familiar with all the activities of the many defense and security agencies also makes our nation vulnerable. The general public may not be aware of all that is going on relating to our security because of President Trump’s actions, but you can bet that China and Russia are keeping track.

No other president in history has replaced a Secretary of Defense during a time of transition. All those who care about our military and the thousands of troops serving in other countries, who proudly drive in their trucks and wave the American flag, should stop and ponder the wisdom of these actions and let the president know he is making a mistake.

Pat Stover

Rio Rancho