After watching the first presidential debate of 2020, I feel obligated to talk with Observer readers.

The child-like behavior of our president would never have been tolerated in a fifth-grade classroom debate. Throughout the evening, he had no regard whatsoever for debate rules about time to speak and time to remain quiet.

If I had to give a two-word description of him, it would be “rude interrupter.” Is this the way we want our nation’s leader to behave?

Former Vice President Biden attempted to listen to Trump’s comments without reaction or interruption, although he did interrupt a few times out of frustration, so he could get his words in edgewise. As the former VP commented, “This is so unpresidential.”

My two words for Biden would be “patient listener.” He is a man who conducts himself properly.

As topics were raised, many answers by the president were rapidly switched to what he wanted to say, as opposed to answering moderator Chris Wallace’s questions. I wish I had been timing their responses, because one debater took much more time than the other; this was totally unfair.

Wallace, who was supposed to be able to regulate times, was not able to stop the “ranting” from one participant. He needed to be much more forceful when asking for respect of the accepted-by-both-parties debate rules: two uninterrupted minutes per speaker per topic.

This leads me to an idea for an addition in the next debate: A mute button would be a perfect solution!

Get your ballot and then vote however you are able: mail it in, hand it in, vote early or on Nov. 3 in person. Just do it!

Christine Spigarelli

Rio Rancho