Due to the pandemic COVID-19 virus, the mask has become the new norm.

“To wear the mask or not to wear the mask, that is the question.”

Those who wear the mask understand why it is important to do so. Those who don’t wear the mask have their own unique reasons.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide all the necessary information as the why this mask question for this COVID-19 virus is not only important, but also urgent. If we want to prevent a so-called second wave of this virus, using the words “important” and “urgent” needs to be considered for our safety and welfare.

Depending on where you go to places such as grocery stores, restaurants, banks or other places of business, you may be asked to wear a mask. You may be turned away if you do not wear a mask, and/or you may be offered one to wear.

It’s very unfortunate, but there will be individuals who refuse to wear a mask. They might give reasons why based on constitutional rights.

It is possible that security personnel of the business might become involved and who knows what may happen next? What is happening for respect for one another when it comes to wearing a mask or not?

There are masks with many different kinds of designs. Some may convey a message, such as “Black Lives Matter,” “Justice for all” and “We are all in this together.” Millions and millions of masks will be made in the year 2020.

Some of these masks will be made by sewing clubs, children’s organizations and others from an artistic point of view.

This mask thing may manifest in many different ways. Some may be made in sculptures, paintings and books, and may be displayed in art galleries.

Lists will possibly be made as to who is wearing a mask and who is not. For example, which people in politics, the entertainment industry and the news media?

Masks will be made in different fabrics, colors, those for women and those for men. Kids may get involved, for they may want to express their own unique design.

The next future pandemic may require masks again. Considering that situation, will all countries be prepared to supply what is needed for all our medical personnel and for all of us?

I just came across a very disturbing newspaper article about a bus driver in Bayonne, France. The bus driver was assaulted after he asked four passengers to wear face masks.

He died of his injuries. What makes some people do things that are so terrible over wearing a mask or not during this deadly pandemic?

To wear the mask or not to wear the mask will be up to each one of us. How safe do you really want to be?

What will be necessary for all peoples of the world to fully understand this pandemic is deadly and can kill at any age?

Ask yourself, do I want to be the next victim?

Thomas E. Carter

Rio Rancho