A recent letter to the editor is full of distortions.
Having talked to several friends who teach in Rio Rancho Public Schools, I know that they are not being instructed to teach Critical Race Theory.
They are being asked to be considerate of all students, staff and teachers regardless of their race or ethnic background.
When I first heard that the 2021 Legislature had passed what is called the Black Education Act (House Bill 43), I was interested to learn more about it.
Although I originally thought the new law would mean an emphasis on Black history, perhaps slavery and the inequities that exist for many people, I learned that it emphasizes how students, staff and parents are treated, not what is taught in the classroom.
HB 43 adds a requirement to the School Personnel Act that reads:
“Anti-Racism and Racial Sensitivity Training and Professional Development — Each year, all school personnel shall successfully complete an online or in-person anti-racism, racial awareness and sensitivity training or professional development approved by the department that addresses race, racism and racialized aggression and demonstrates how to create and foster an equitable and culturally responsive learning environment for racial minority students.”
Rio Rancho staff training and the Black Education Act are about how all students are treated so as to enhance their success in school and in the future. It is not about teaching CRT.
These kinds of inaccuracies are blatant. Please focus on things that will benefit Rio Rancho students, not issues designed to divide us.
Karen Schafer
Rio Rancho