Hello. My name is Rose Crum. I am a local and go to the University of New Mexico. I am currently working as the Nonprofit Leadership Intern for the Borgen Project, a nonprofit organization with a mission to vanquish poverty through influencing U.S. foreign policy.

Borgen employees and volunteers meet with lawmakers to advocate for poverty reduction initiatives to include elevating awareness and to encourage lawmakers to take legislative action to end poverty.

Some grass roots activity I’m involved in includes enhancement and advocacy leadership development, fundraising development, recruiting, marketing and promotion. The Borgen internship acceptance rate is 5 percent. I am fortunate to one of the interns in this nonprofit organization. Secured lobbying meeting with Congressional offices to build support for poverty reduction legislation and International Affairs Budget.

In an emerging world of self-driving cars and automated manufacturing, my generation has an understandable anxiety around jobs and opportunity in America. From the position of a student all the way up to the national level we have to be creative and look to the future for new opportunities. America has always been innovative in business — this is what has made us the strongest economy in the world. Now, it benefits us to help lay the groundwork for developing economies through foreign assistance programs.

We can create jobs for American workers by selling more of our products in emerging African markets. Foreign assistance programs give communities in Africa the tools to grow their middle class, resulting in hundreds of millions of potential new consumers of American goods. America’s smart investment in foreign assistance accounts for less than 1 percent of the federal budget, but it has yielded significant gains not only for people living in extreme poverty but for Americans at home and our economic interests overseas.

Sen. Martin Heinrich and Sen. Tom Udall should act to make sure life-saving, foreign assistance programs are fully funded.

I would love to get more of our locals involved by spreading awareness of what we can do when we all come together. Here is the company website:  borgenproject.org/about-us/.

Rose Crum



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