Jan. 6, 2021: the day that our U.S. democracy received a black eye.

Not only do we need to wear a mask for COVID-19, but also perhaps an eye patch to indicate what happened to us on this terrible day against our democracy.

On this day, a group of many individuals who were loyal to the 45th president stormed our Capitol building when a joint session of Congress was taking place. The joint session was in the process of counting the Electoral College votes for the 2020 election from all states of the union.

Because of this despicable action, there was vandalism, injuries of people, destruction of property and, it was reported later, five people died. Our Capitol Police were completely overwhelmed, and therefore a complete investigation will take place to identify the lack of proper security.

Have we lost the real meaning of the words “truth” and “lies”? Lies, misinformation, conspiracy theories and non-truths have been recorded by this 45th president of the United States.

This insurrection by these individuals was all based on a lie that the presidential election was a fraud, it was rigged and this election was really won by the then-president and not the Democratic candidate.

A second impeachment vote of the 45th president took place in the House of Representatives. Some in Congress and others said for the president to resign, or they invoked the 25th amendment to remove him from office.

They also said we as a nation must follow through on at least one of these actions to have this president leave office. The timeframe they indicate really should have been ASAP before the inauguration of our new president.

These events taking place are being viewed by all nations around the world. We, the United States, must be very careful how we follow through with this very important situation, and we better do what is appropriate and correct.

If we do not follow what the possible course of action should be, we will be looked at as a nation that is flawed and that our constitution needs appropriate changes.

All members of Congress better understand what is at stake here for not only our future, but also for the futures of all other free and democratic nations.

These recent and possible future events will be investigated and perhaps for a very long time. Our former president of the U.S. will be dealing with perhaps some very important legal issues about his business.

That story will be followed up on to whatever end it may be.

Another concern that would have been a real injustice by this 45th president was for him to pardon some or all individuals who were arrested and charged for a number of federal crimes in this insurrection.

Let’s remember that whoever we support for president of the U.S., it is important that we understand the possible consequences of our vote.

Thomas Carter

Rio Rancho