Did you vote for a politician or a representative or perhaps both?

The definition of both is listed as follows.

  • Politician: One actively engaged in politics; often used with implications of seeking personal or partisan gain, or scheming.
  • Representative: Of or based on representation of the people by elected delegates. One authorized to act for others.

Based on these definitions, it appears to be a unique difference. Some say that a real politician is more loyal to the party they belong to than being loyal to those whom they really represent, the voters.

A true representative, as said by some, is one who truly engages with his or her constituents. As voters, our individual research will determine whom we vote for, not matter what possible label will be applied to our candidates of choice.

Perhaps what really matters is whoever is elected, can he or she get things done on issue of importance for the people they represent? Throughout the history of the United States, what really works is compromise by both parties.

Our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution of the United States were both accomplished by compromise. Without it, we would not have a United States of America.

As a voter, you have to ask yourself, am I an independent voter or do I consider myself belonging to a particular party? Do I register with a particular party so I can participate in the primary process?

You also have the opportunity to change your affiliation from one party to another. As a registered voter, you have options as to how you want to be recognized.

Voting is a very personal choice, and following your civic duty says a lot about you being a good citizen. The person or persons we vote for hopefully are qualified to represent the people and understand getting things done requires, in many cases, compromise.

It should be understood that whoever is elected, they must represent all the people. That means the voters who voted for them, those who did not and those not allowed to vote because of voting age or those who did not vote at all.

Going forward, those whom we voted for need to be followed up on if they won the election. These so-called representatives and/or politicians we voted for, are they really up to the job?

Time will tell for their elected term of office. If they are not providing the representation we need, then we have the option to possibly vote them out of office.

Thomas E. Carter

Rio Rancho