Thank you for your complete coverage of election results in Sandoval County.

In the story about the county commission results, I found the quote by Commissioner Jay Block disturbing. His quote about the Sandoval County Commission District 2 voters was that they “…were mailed a lot of lies from my opponent that they just rejected, and I appreciate that they know my record when it comes to job creation. …”

As a constituent in his district and someone who watched the election very closely, I have reviewed all of his opponent Leah Ahkee Baczkiewicz’s mailers, and there is not one negative statement in any of them. In her phone calls and posts on Facebook, I never heard or saw one negative statement by her about Commissioner Block.

Although the two candidates have very different views on the issues, voters in County Commission District 2 need to know that Ms. Baczkiewicz was scrupulous about running a positive campaign.

I would also like your readers to know that a candidate who received 49 percent of the vote should expect a certain level of civility and honesty once the election has ended. Jay Block reacted as a bully rather than as a gentleman.

Karen Schafer

Rio Rancho