The Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol is beyond disturbing.

It was an attack on our democracy. If this is what Trump and his supporters consider “winning” or “MAGA,” count me out.

He lost the presidency, the Senate, and the House of Representatives, twice. That hardly defines winning!

Now he faces a second impeachment. More winning?

The only thing Trump has done is complete the moral bankruptcy of the GOP. Once the party of Lincoln, it’s now the party of insurrection, traitors and the party of disgrace.

Ted Cruz likened these so-called “patriots” who overran the U.S. Capitol to those who fought at Bunker Hill and those at Valley Forge. Ted must have flunked American history.

The American Revolution was fought to rid ourselves of the monarchy of England, yet Trump tries to be king/dictator of America, or should I say, king of ‘Merica. The insurrectionists are just criminals, plain and simple.

The GOP and its minions are an absolute disgrace, a worldwide embarrassment and should pay the penalties for their criminal behavior.

William Rehm

Rio Rancho