In response to the article that was published in the Oct. 18 edition of the Rio Rancho Observer, the termination of former Sandoval County Deputy Clerk Anne Brady-Romero was conducted without any malice to her personally.

Instead, an investigation leading up to her termination proved that she had been violating a statute that does not allow anyone running for office to campaign at a known polling site. This was found to be the case, and so the only option I had was to let Romero go.

I was unaware of any malfeasance being done by Romero while she was working with me. I was surprised to hear accusations that Romero had violated any code of conduct we adhere to at Sandoval County.

I wish only the best for Romero and her political endeavors. I also hope she has a speedy recovery from her long battle with cancer.

I have absolutely nothing to gain from terminating Romero, since I term out in November. This entire situation was unfortunate, but I feel I still must uphold the codes and rules of the state and county.

Eileen Garbagni

Sandoval County clerk