In what appears to be a precisely timed case of whistleblower retaliation in the throes of the election, Sandoval County Chief Deputy Clerk Anne Brady-Romero was terminated from her position.

Brady-Romero, who filed a whistleblower complaint last November, is the Democratic candidate running for clerk.

County Commissioner Jay Block lost no time jumping on Facebook to smear Brady-Romero, misrepresenting the facts of the case and advocating for her opponent. Block’s unprofessional behavior deserves a response.

It appears Block abused his privileged position on the Sandoval County Commission to gather and publicize sensitive personnel information with the intent of discrediting a candidate of the opposing party. His action was unfair, unethical and opportunistic.

Brady-Romero is a dedicated public servant who is passionately committed to increasing voter participation, ensuring election security and increasing transparency in the county clerk’s office. She has clearly described her extensive experience, views and perspectives on her candidate website and in her responses to the Rio Rancho Observer’s candidates questionnaire published on Oct. 13, 2020.

In contrast, Lawrence Griego, her Republican opponent, did not return the Observer’s questionnaire. What are his policy positions? What does he stand for?

His silence says it all.

Barbara Gallegos

Rio Rancho