Congratulations, students of the Rio Rancho High School graduating senior Class of 2020!

All the years I was teaching at RRHS, one of the best things I looked forward to was participating in the graduation ceremony. It isn’t fair that this was not afforded to you in the traditional manner this year.

However, the circumstances make this year unique to all of you, something that you will have experienced together and be able to share for the rest of your lives.

Throughout our history, there have been catastrophic events that some people thought we could not recover from. But we did.

This virus event is no different. It’s an opportunity to discover something great. To start a new process. To turn the direction of an economy. To help the world and find a new way.

Take it on with enthusiasm and promise. You are the pioneers of a new age. Remember, the only constant in life is change.

Have dreams and goals, and do not give up on them. Keep on keeping on.  Again, kudos to your splendid accomplishment and the very best of fortune to each one of you.

Gordon Douglas

Former teacher and coach, RRHS

Rio Rancho