My name is Leeland Stimbert. I am writing to you about COVID-19 from an 11-year-old’s point of view.

First of all, school getting canceled was a surprise. Virtual school did not start till a couple of days later, and this was almost at the end of the year.

Virtual school lasted for almost a month. Summer was very boring; we had to stay inside except to go shopping.

Then school started online school and was very strange yet again. Everything was shut down; no sports, no Boy Scouts, no anything except watching TV and playing video games.

Also, all the news talked about was coronavirus, wildfires and the election, not great news. Being stuck in my house was annoying; I couldn’t leave for two or three months.

Some businesses are struggling, yet some are doing better, but I feel like a lot of people are losing their jobs. Some people had lots of time off or worked from home, but my dad was at work every day because he was an essential worker.

I hope that this vaccine comes soon, and this international pandemic is over quickly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email because it helps me complete a requirement for Boy Scouts (Communication Merit Badge). The requirement was to write to a local newspaper editor and express my opinion on a subject of my choice.

Leeland Stimbert

Rio Rancho