I’m writing to express my support for something I learned about recently: a Land of Enchantment General Obligation Bond for conservation and land stewardship projects.

Did you know New Mexico does not have a dedicated funding source for these types of projects, despite our beautiful landscapes and natural resources?

I was disappointed to hear that.

We should be doing everything we can to protect them — that is why we live here and why people visit here.

Also, it seems like the dangers of wildfire, drought, etc., are growing every day, and we need to do more to prepare for these challenges, but also support new and exciting things like our growing outdoor recreation economy.

None of that can be done without funding.

New Mexico has a long history of using GO bonds to fund projects over time, including for our schools, libraries and community centers.

I’m an educator, and I think it’s a great idea to extend this to conservation projects.

It wouldn’t take money from our schools; it would just add a new category for conservation projects that voters could approve/disapprove every two years, which I think voters would gladly support.

Best of all, it wouldn’t raise taxes.

This is a smart, sustainable and straight-forward way to provide funding for something that every single New Mexican relies on and cherishes, and I hope our legislators, like local representatives Jason Harper and Joshua Hernandez, give it a serious look.

Thank you.

Jennifer Trujillo
Rio Rancho