Ms. Khem Suthiwan, Regulatory Manager at Enduring Resources, LLC. 200 Energy Court, Farmington, New Mexico 87401 (303-350-5721), wishes to provide notification for the submittal of an Application for Authorization to Inject to the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division (NMOCD). The application requests the use of existing water supply well N Escavada Unit 2207-16B, permitted with the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer, for the use as a Class II injection well. The well is located in Sandoval County, New Mexico at latitude 36.14407256°N longitude -107.5762770°W. This well will be used to inject fluids produced from the enhanced recovery of oil and/or natural gas in the San Juan Basin. Fluids will be injected into the Entrada Formation at depths between 6,925 feet and 7,114 feet below ground surface. Maximum injection rates and pressures are anticipated to be 20,000 barrels of water per day and 1,385 pounds per square inch, respectively. Interested parties may contact the Oil Conservation Division, 1220 South Saint Francis Drive, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505, within 15 days.

Observer: October 27, 2022