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Sandoval County (Owner) is requesting Bids for the construction of the following Project:

On-Call Sandoval County Soil Haul

Bids for the construction of the Project will be received at Engineer’s office located at 333 Rio Rancho Blvd, NE, Suite 400, Rio Rancho, New Mexico, 81724-1460, until Friday, May 26, 2023, at 3:00 p.m. local time. At that time, the Bids received will be publicly opened and read.

The Project includes the following Work:

Under an on-call basis, load soil in task indicated location, haul soil to the task indicated location, stockpile soil where indicated by Owner. Contractor understands Owner may indicate soil haul tasks in any incorporated or unincorporated areas of the County. Contractor is responsible for maintaining compliance under the NPDES requirements based on the disturbance area of each task.

Bids are requested for the following Contract: On-Call Sandoval County Soil Haul.Separate Bids will be received for the following Contracts:

Proposers may secure copies of Bid Documents as follows:
1. By contacting the Project Coordinator Pam Gonzales at [email protected] or 505.504.7753. Additional information can be found at

a. Download documents (.PDF file extension format) from Parkhill’s Info Exchange web site after registering as a plan holder with Project Coordinator stipulated in Item 1 above. There is no cost or deposit required for this option.

b. Digital copies (.PDF file extension format) upon payment of $18.48 per USB flash drive, plus applicable sales tax.

c. Paper copies may be purchased upon payment of the following:

1) Complete Set of paper Bid Documents: $50.00 per set, plus applicable sale tax.

d. Bid Documents (paper and USB flash drive) will be shipped pre-paid to the requester.

2. Prospective Bidders are urged to register as a plan holder, even if Bidding Documents are obtained from a plan room or source other than the designated website in either electronic or paper format. Only Prospective Bidders who obtain Bid Documents through Parkhill will be registered as a document holder (plan holder) and will therefore automatically receive addenda if/when issued. 3. Payment shall be Company check or cashier’s check made payable to Parkhill, or by credit card. Credit card purchases will have a three percent (3.0%) convenience fee added to the total purchase price.
4. No partial sets will be issued.
5. Neither Owner nor Engineer will be responsible for Bidding Documents, including addenda, if any, obtained from sources other than the designated website.

Information and Bidding Documents for the Project can be found at the following designated website:

The designated website will be updated periodically with addenda, lists of registered plan holders, reports, and other information relevant to submitting a Bid for the Project. All official notifications, addenda, and other Bidding Documents will be offered only through the designated website. Neither Owner nor Engineer will be responsible for Bidding Documents, including addenda, if any, obtained from sources other than the designated website.

The Issuing Parkhill Office for the Bidding Documents is: 333 Rio Rancho Blvd. NE, Suite 400, Rio Rancho, New Mexico, 87124.

Prospective Bidders may obtain or examine the Bidding Documents at the Issuing Office during normal business hours (call Issuing Office to verify normal business hours) and may obtain copies of the Bidding Documents as described above.

For all further requirements regarding Bid submittal, qualifications, procedures, and Contract Award, refer to the Instructions to Bidders that are included in the Bidding Documents.

Observer: May 11, 2023