The Outdoor Recreation Division of the New Mexico Department of Economic Development (“Petitioner”) provides public notice that it intends to file with the New Mexico Water Quality Control Commission a Petition to Nominate Segments of the Rio Grande, Rio Hondo, Lake Fork, East Fork Jemez River, San Antonio Creek, and Redondo Creek as Outstanding National Resource Waters (“Petition”) pursuant to NMAC. The Petition will include maps of the nominated surface waters, including the location and proposed upstream and downstream boundaries; a written statement and evidence based on scientific principles in support of the nomination, including specific reference to the applicable Outstanding National Resource Waters (“ONRW”) criteria listed in NMAC, including the exceptional recreational and ecological significance of all waters nominated; water quality data to establish a baseline condition for the proposed ONRWs; a discussion of activities that might contribute to the reduction of water quality in the proposed ONRWs; and additional evidence to substantiate the designation, including a discussion of the benefit to the State of New Mexico. Pursuant to NMAC, Petitioner gives notice of the Petition in this newspaper within the affected county of Sandoval. For more information please contact Axie Navas, Outdoor Recreation Division Director or visit

Observer: November 28, 2021