Belly Dance instructor, Theresa Sherman.(Courtesy photo)

 A new 8-week belly dance fundamentals class called Belly Dance A Go-Go begins Jan. 17 at the All Around Fitness and Dance Studio in Rio Rancho.

Belly dance instructor Theresa Sherman says, “Belly dance is a lively, expressive form of movement that fits every age, body type and fitness level. Belly dance is for every body!”

According to Sherman, belly dance, or Raqs Sharqi, is an ancient art form with roots in Egypt, but has traveled worldwide during the past century and is now a global spectacle.

“In each session, we will cover fundamental belly dance movement, focusing on specific technique and subject matter, and each series will cover a different topic,” she said.

Sherman has 15 years of belly dancing experience under her belt. She is also the founder of New Mexico Belly Dance, which has belly dancers for hire.

“I am a forever student of the art form. I am passionate about helping others discover belly dance, and I am committed to the belief that belly dance is for every body,” she said.

Her goals are to create a welcoming and inclusive community where dancers of any socio-economic level, sex, gender identity, race, color, creed, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, or ancestry will find opportunities to explore the art of belly dance.

The Rio Rancho class is held on Tuesday nights from 6 to 7 p.m. and is taught by Theresa. All of her classes are based on skill level and anyone can learn.

She says the class doesn’t require a high fitness level nor a particular amount of movement. People can do what is comfortable for them.

During the series, people will learn the essential techniques of traditional Egyptian-style belly dance.

New sessions begin this month.

For more information about the class, click the link to her website here.