“Ella es una de Nosotros”??

When I heard this from Michelle’s husband, I thought of what is wrong with New Mexico politics.  What keeps NM in 50th place, year after year.  Ethnic  politics.

I grew up near Gary, Indiana.  Sixty years ago, the qualifications to be Mayor of Gary were solely:  Greek and Democrat. (Since 1968 it  has been Black and Democrat)  Gary had two mayors in a row go to prison for failing to pay income taxes on their kickbacks.  It did seem that the qualifications used tended to reduce candidate quality.

It appears that Michelle’s hubby would like us to set the governor qualifications as Hispanic and Democrat.

How has NM done under “Un/una de Nosotros” governors?

Toney Anaya.  One-term governor run out by his own party. Emptied death row, after emphatically promising the voters he would NOT do that. One celebrated by escaping and committing kidnapping and rape in Arizona.

Bill Richardson ALSO promised the voters he would NOT sign any repeal of the death penalty.  He repealed it in exchange for an audience with the pope.

Big Bill also brought along his upbringing in the PRI, from his Mexico City childhood, and his Edifice Complex.  We are soon facing balloon payments of Two BILLION dollars on “Uncle Bill’s Choo Choo” also known as the Snail Runner.

Then there is MLG, who put 90-year-olds behind prisoners in vaccination priority for COVID; and started recruiting teenagers to take the shots long before finishing with seniors.  Who shut down Mom and Pop businesses in “non-essential” products, while keeping Walmart open selling those same products. Instead of sharing the Mom and Pop space with half a dozen other customers, we got to share Walmart with hundreds. Of course, the mom and pop closures did not prevent her favorite jewelry store opening for her specifically.

She shut down schools longer than most any other state, putting NM students even further back from our normal 50th place.

So what did Michelle’s health “expertise” get us in COVID results? Last I checked, we were tied for FOURTH HIGHEST in per capita COVID death rates.

Am I saying never vote for Una de Nosotros?  NO!  But don’t let a candidate use it as cover for a bad record.


Ken McDaniel
Rio Rancho