Every year people go through the same cycle. They buy a live Christmas tree, forget to water it and eventually take it to the landfill after New Year’s.

But Just Sprinklers says there is another way.

Not only do they sell Christmas trees, but we also run an annual Christmas tree recycling program. Every year Just Sprinklers turns it’s fleet to the streets for the first two weeks of the year to pick up hundreds of trees around Albuquerque and Rio Rancho for free.

There is an additional bonus to this method though. Proceeds and non-perishable donations go to the Feed New Mexico Kids program. They are a local organization in New Mexico that works to provide food for children in need.

In 2021, Just Sprinklers was able to donate over seven pallets of food to the program.

The goal is to keep trees out of landfills and to feed the children of New Mexico at the same time.

What they do with the tree according to the website:

  1. Feed llama’s and goatsWe have partnered with a local New Mexico farm owner. They take the trees to their farm and feed the to their Llamas and goats, and they LOVE it.

    Photo provided by Just Sprinklers

  2. Trees become fish habitatsAfter the trees are collected, they are dropped in Elephant Bute Lake to become a habitat for fish.

For more information on the Christmas tree recycling program click here.