Nothing says NOT New Mexico more than a six-story black high-rise set in a neighborhood of one- and two-story earth tone buildings, next to a residential neighborhood. (See Sept. 29 Observer for story that prompted this letter.)

Mr. Matamoros’ proposed high-rise would stick out like a sore thumb on Southern Blvd.; or most anywhere in Rio Rancho.  Even the Intel plant is low-rise and non-black; and it’s downhill from the highway.

Ask any North Valley resident whether the two five-story buildings plopped down on North 4th Street have added to the ambience of their neighborhood.

If Rio Rancho does not have anything in its zoning ordinances to protect us from developers with such “tin ears” for neighborhood, we need it Pronto!

Yes, Southern could use more businesses.  If they were located in a three-story building looking like part of the neighborhood, I would be all for it.

This mini “Darth Vader Building”?  No Way!

Ken McDaniel

Rio Rancho