Intel and Central New Mexico Community College recently announced a partnership on the college’s new mechatronics program, which started this term, and an artificial intelligence program that will begin in the fall.

Students interested in learning the skills they need to start a career as a mechatronics technician will be able to enroll to achieve a one-term certificate, and in the fall, they will also have the option to enroll to achieve a two-term certificate.

“Intel is thrilled to deepen our collaboration with CNM as we continue to work together to help pave pathways into the technology industry,” Intel Public Affairs Director Frank Gallegos wrote in a release. “We’re excited to see this program start.”

An artificial intelligence program will be offered at CNM beginning in the fall semester thanks to the partnership with Intel.

Students interested in AI will now be able to get a certificate from CNM. The college also plans to offer a full associate degree in AI in 2024.
Intel has partnered with 18 community colleges in 11 states to train thousands of new students in AI through its workforce program. CNM is the only college in New Mexico offering the program.
“Here at CNM, we always want to be on the cutting edge and be ready to train students for the jobs that are most in demand,” Kalynn Pirkl, the interim dean of CNM’s School of Business and Information Technology, said.
The AI certificate and associate degree program will allow CNM students to learn about data collection, AI model training, coding and the societal impact of AI technology. The certificate could lead to careers in high tech, health care, automotive, industrial and aerospace.
“Intel is thrilled to deepen our partnership with CNM in bringing New Mexico’s first artificial intelligence program to our community,” Intel Public Affairs Director Erika Edgerly wrote. “This program will help train New Mexico students to enter one of the country’s most in-demand fields. Recent studies show the demand for artificial intelligence skills is expected to grow exponentially across industries, not just technology.”