CORRALES — Dr. Sonu Bhalla sought a more interactive and holistic approach upon launching his medical practice, Indigo Health M.D., in Corrales earlier this month.

He kept several things in mind: Providing medical care for the place he and his family call home; providing medical care to residents of neighboring Albuquerque, Rio Rancho and Bernalillo who seek a clinic outside the hustle and bustle of the city; providing medical care that doesn’t end with pharmaceutical drug prescriptions; more time with patients; and same-day appointments.

“This is not one of those crazy clinics where there’s thousands of people moving back and forth… (Corrales) is a calming place; it’s a soothing place,” Bhalla said. “(Patients) really feel like this is addressing their concerns.”

Bhalla, who specializes in internal medicine, anesthesiology and integrative medicine, started seeing patients more than two weeks ago. His office is at 3949 Corrales Road, Suite 130.

Bhalla, born in India and raised in the United States, said his practice implements treatment in a tier format using different Western and Eastern cultures and principles, then brings it all together.

He said those techniques include using nutraceuticals such as the natural amino acid elthionine within the body’s cellular machinery to help optimize metabolism, brain function and gut function. He also said things like herbal medicines are incorporated.

Dr. Sonu Bhalla opened his medical practice, Indigo Health M.D., in Corrales.
(Matt Hollinshead/Observer)

“In a pharmaceutical approach, you’d get something like Xanax. That can cause issues like falling or memory loss… In this case, you’re starting to use things that the body already has in it, but you’re just increasing the dosage of elthionine in the body, which promotes relaxation,” Bhalla said.

He also said meditation practices are part of the treatment, as well as using the body’s seven chakras, or focal points, to balance energy and develop spiritual energy.

Bhalla’s also adamant his clinic’s holistic medicine approach is meant to help those who may be wary about tradition hospital and pharmaceutical settings.

“A lot of people these days don’t want to go a regular doctor and come home with 10 prescriptions that have 20 side effects,” he said.

Bhalla has 20 years of experience in the medical field, previously working at Presbyterian Hospital, Lovelace Medical Center, Presbyterian Rust Medical Center and Optum Medical Group, previously called Davita Medical Group.

Because Indigo Health MD is a concierge practice, he said that membership model means he will see closer to 300 or 400 patients as opposed to the 3,000-plus patients he saw when he worked at Lovelace.

“By having less patients, I can spend more time with them,” Bhalla said, adding he will be able to see patients for 30-60 minutes versus 10 minutes.

Bhalla said patients will be able to communicate with him directly via phone call or text message as opposed to going through a medical assistant at the clinic. He also said no health insurance is required to become a patient.

“I don’t do any co-pays. It’s just a monthly fee,” he said.

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