Joshua Cantrell, 41, of Indiana, was summoned Jan. 24 for fraud and theft of identity at the Rio Rancho State Employees Credit Union.

The victim filed an online complaint with the Rio Rancho Police Department in August reporting that someone with a passport that had his photo and his personal information on it went into the credit union pretending to be him.

The teller gave the impersonator $5,000 from one of the victim’s deposits. The same impersonator tried to withdraw $7,500 from the State Employee’s Credit Union in Santa Fe. The teller at that location wouldn’t let the impersonator gain access or get any money.

In January, investigators looked into the accounts at the Rio Rancho location. The bank was able to provide security footage of the incident and allowed police to use a photo of the impersonator in their systems to identify Cantrell.

An arrest came up in the system for Cantrell on April 25 with state police for fraud. He also produced a fake ID to a teller at the time. The state report said that Cantrell and a group were suspected of organized fraud in several states. Cantrell is also being investigated by the FBI. Agents said their investigation had concluded and Cantrell was charged in that case.

Cantrell, if convicted for these charges, will do 16 years in prison.