Regarding the error-prone missive submitted by Charles Sullivan on Nov. 7, 2021, the nomenclature used for the words “Democrat” and “Republican” are incorrect.
Historically, conservative and progressive (or liberal) ideology does not equal current Democrat or GOP party; it has “switched sides,” evolved, mutated and deteriorated.
Prior to the ‘60s, there was no one more “conservative” than a Southern Democrat (Civil War, segregation, KKK ring a bell?).
Social issues pertaining to agenda and party division ramped up during the ‘80s and the Reagan Administration.
Trying to attribute flaws, or positive impacts, real or perceived, to a strictly Dem/GOP demarcation is simply wrong.
Tragically, the average immigrant and/or schoolchild seems to have a better understanding of history, civics, religion (hermeneutics, anyone?) and Constitutional issues than the typical Republican pundit, agitator or provocateur in the current era. The bloviation spewing from the GOP requires the willful suspension of disbelief, a level of naive credulity that is disingenuous at best and outright lies at worst.
Engaging in contrarian polemical interlocution with others necessitates factual accuracy, perspicuity, the utilization of ratiocination and at least basic knowledge of the world around us, and our own political and social history. Trying to assign blame to a political party when said party did not even exist in its modern-day manifestation is ridiculous.
The Republican party platform of the ‘50s and ‘60s pretty much mirrors that of the Democrats today. Information and facts are at people’s fingertips; all they have to do is apply themselves.

Bruce Hutchinson
Rio Rancho