Editor’s note: This article is from “The Voice,” the Observer’s student news section.

Leah Gustafson pauses for a photo before trying hot Cheetos with nacho cheese for the first time recently. Andrew Gustafson / Rio Rancho High School sophomore

When going to a concession stand, do you ever notice any weird mixtures?

What I’m talking about specifically is hot Cheetos and nacho cheese. Not only have I seen people eating this snack at basketball and football games, but I’ve also seen it on social media.

This cheesy chip has a social hype, and I am interested in finding out why… and if it’s worth it. Where do I find such a snack?

I looked it up on Google search, and it said the Paleta Bar was the closest place near me. On March 2, I entered the Paleta Bar and saw a wall of chips.

They had the options of either regular hot Cheetos or the lime ones. I prefer the lime ones, so that’s what I chose.

When I told the worker what I wanted, she questioned if I wanted toppings. Confused because I didn’t know there were toppings, I asked her what they were.

She proceeded to tell me that they had corn, jalapeños, white cheese and jerky. Because this had been my first time trying this snack, I didn’t want to go crazy, so I just got the basic hot Cheetos with cheese.

I paid at the front counter as I felt the warm cheese sitting on the Cheetos through the cut-open bag.

The hot cheese made the Cheetos softer, so I was able to eat it with a fork. I took my first bite and completely understood why it had the hype.

The warm, cheesy, spicy and slight crunch all had the perfect sensations together. I finished the whole bag.

I will be back for more, and maybe next time I’ll try some toppings as well.