Gregg Hull

“Broad support from community members and the results of the recent NCS survey of residents convinced me to seek a third term,” Mayor Gregg Hull said last week.

In seven years, the Hull administration has increased police and fire services, replaced over 5,000 water lines, repaired many major streets, increased parks and senior centers, worked to bring in thousands of jobs and helped to procure $3.5 billion in economic development from Intel.

“Rio Rancho’s on a roll and we’ve got to keep moving forward. Forward in our economic development, the completion of critical infrastructure projects and advancing public safety — our top priority,” Hull added. “With support from a broad section of our community, I look forward to running a positive campaign.”

Hull will hold a campaign kick-off rally Sept. 25, 5 p.m., at the Italian-American Club in Rio Rancho. Everyone’s invited.