The haunted house walls were covered with skulls. A snake head popped out of a hole in one part. (Michaela Helean Photo)

A home off of Los Miradores Drive in Loma Colorado had trick-or-treaters lined all the way up the street for most of Halloween night. It was not the typical decorated house, though.

Lisa Trujillo and her son decked their house out in animatronics, blow-up decorations and strobe lights. The main attraction, though, was the small homemade haunted house in their garage.

“A lot went into all this. A lot of hard work and imagination. A lot of problem-solving,” Trujillo said.

The house’s front lawn had several colorful decorations.(Michaela Helean photo)

She and her son make most of the props in their display. The animatronics in the haunted house have to be programmed to create jump scares and sounds.

“Last year we did a Pirates of the Caribbean. This year is kind of more of a gothic fantasy theme,” she said.

The small haunted house was popular with all who stopped by.

Trujillo said they plan to do this again next year and are already planning the theme. The construction and crafting take several months to complete.