Rio Rancho Police Department officers arrested a couple at the Target on NM 528 and Crestview Dr. who were suspected of shoplifting on multiple occasions.

The last time was on July 2. Before that, there were two other known incidents allegedly committed by the couple at the same location. Cops arrested them after performing a traffic stop.

The first incident occurred on June 28, when Target staff reported three people had walked past point of sale with shopping carts full of merchandise. Police arrived on scene, but could not identify the faces of the thieves on video surveillance. Later, they were identified as Rachel Clanton and Damien Moran, according to the complaint.

The second incident occurred the day after, on June 29. Target staff reported the same thing happened again. The staff wasn’t able to see the faces of the couple. Officers could not see their faces either because camera footage wasn’t clear. They did, however, get a clear view of the 1999 Toyota Camry that the pair drove away in.

Finally, when Target staff reported the same people were leaving in the Camry again on July 2, police were able to perform a traffic stop on NM 528. They pulled the couple over and discovered their license was suspended in 2016 due to failure to pay fines. The owner of the vehicle, Clanton, gave police permission to open the trunk and search. Officers found miscellaneous clothing items, electronics and food.

When officers pulled Moran aside for interviewing, he explained they were homeless and admitted to shoplifting with Clanton (his girlfriend). He also said the police could take the items back to the store. The items recovered totaled to $1,071.13. In the previous incidents, items totaled more than $500.

Upon inventory search, officers found two blue pills in Clanton’s purse which were identified as fentanyl.

Clanton and Moran were charged with felony shoplifting and conspiracy to shoplift more than $20,000.

The couple had stolen from Target many times, but not all the incidents were reported. Clanton was also charged with possession. If found guilty, Moran and Clanton could face up to nine years and a fine up to $10,000 for the shoplifting. For possession, Clanton could face up to 10 additional years.