RIO RANCHO — The Rio Rancho Home Improvement Show at the Rio Rancho Events Center had minimal show goers on Sept. 9, and the businesses participating noticed.

“It is pretty slow. I think it is because of the State Fair,” dog trainer Jen Schroer said.

Schroer was there with Dog Training Elite, an advanced dog training program that recently opened in Albuquerque.

“So we train in obedience, we train service dogs. We have protection dogs and within our service dogs, we do everything from scent-based alert. Whether it’s alerting someone that their diabetes is acting up or if child is allergic to peanuts, they can alert the child not to eat the food,” Schroer added.

While their business is not based in Rio Rancho, they hope to get customers from all over the state.

The recently opened From The Ground Up Landscaping company was also there. They are based in Rio Rancho and opened earlier this year.

“We love to give the personal touch. We help people’s ideas and help them with their designs to make their backyards a beautiful place,” owner and general manager Warren Lopez said.

They hoped that the Home Improvement Show would help them reach out and spread the word about the company.

While several businesses showed up to represent their home improvement areas like solar panels, roofing, windows and doors, the number of people who came to the show was small.

There were also several small businesses selling their goods like pickles, wood carvings, wind chimes and aguas frescas.