Although it can be difficult to realize it in the moment, there is yet time and reason to hope. After all, hominids have been lurching toward humanity for countless generations.

With study and growing awareness of archeological evidence and historical record, the view is “humanity” evolves along with humankind. History informs and instructs us, rendering judgment of our darker periods and atrocities while commemorating our achievements and advances. It can be a mirror, reflecting who we have been, what we have done and, most significantly, the consequences of our actions.

Even as we progress toward a “brighter” future, remnants of our past linger as shadows. The trend has been toward recognizing the value and dignity due every human being. If we can avoid existential calamity, discrimination, classism, barbarism of every type will eventually pass from us.

Until then, we should not remain detached or feel anonymous from what happens here and now. We are each of us responsible in our time. If our passions of the moment cause people real harm and allow any to suffer indignity, discrimination or dehumanization, history will not vindicate us.

If we focus our time and energy solving issues that would improve lives, advancing humanity, history will celebrate our achievement.

Life is short. History is long, and it is our legacy.

Tim Berger

Rio Rancho