Elves interact in the “Holiday Dreams” show. Courtesy photo.

For a new high-tech take on the holiday season, the Rio Rancho Events Center is hosting the holograms, projection mapping, holiday music and lasers, along with a cast of award-winning acrobats, daredevils and cirque performers, of “Holiday Dreams, A Spectacular Holiday Show!”

“Holiday Dreams” includes acrobats, among many other engaging spectacles. Courtesy photo.

This show is coming to the Rio Rancho Events Center on Sunday, Dec. 4, at 3 p.m.

Created as a modern alternative to holiday shows, “Holiday Dreams” presents a fast-paced, exciting cirque-style show that appeals to everyone. Produced by Las Vegas-based production company Q Productions Las Vegas, the show presents holographic technologies as seen only in Vegas productions.

The performers range from award-winning acrobats to seasoned talent seen in shows like “America’s Got Talent” and “Outrageous Acts of Science.” Added spectacles such as elves catapulting off ramps while riding scooters,  acrobats diving off a giant Trampwall and extreme Rollerbladers and all the way to comedic performances, Holiday Dreams delivers a unique spectacle.

Show creator and producer Fernando Quevedo says, “I wanted the show to present high-end technology and amazing talent seen only in Vegas shows. We have holograms that are truly magical. We have Lady Light, an award-winning laser performer that ‘bends’ light and manipulates lasers; we have a lot of audience interaction and comedy.”

“I also wanted to create a show that celebrated the spirit of the holidays and would serve as a bridge for families from different generations to come together and experience something together,” he added. “We are all absorbed in our little technological worlds. Theater allows a communal experience. A place for all to gather and laugh, cheer and be awed. There’s something truly wonderful about that.”

“Holiday Dreams” is not only high-energy production numbers. It has a whimsical story that connects all the performers and features a mischievous elf who thinks he has mailed himself to a tropical island but finds himself delivered to the wrong address: The Rio Rancho Events Center.