Enraged by more senseless incidents of vandalism at two of its campuses, Rio Rancho Public Schools is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the offenders’ arrest and conviction or other appropriate discipline by the courts or juvenile authorities.

Cleveland High School experienced the first damage over New Year’s weekend, when rocks were thrown through the atrium near the Concert Hall, breaking two windows, although there are no signs of entry into the building.

That was reported to the Rio Rancho Police Department, which responded.

In a second incident, graffiti was spray-painted on some fences, parking lot and sidewalks at the school, according to RRPS.

Rio Rancho High School was hit late on the night of Dec. 26 and early on the 27th, with the gymnasium entered through roof vents, according to the district. Coaches’ offices were “trashed” and desk drawers gone through, with a computer docking station taken.

After a New Year greeting at 4:06 p.m. via email to the Storm community, RRPS told recipients: “Cleveland High School received significant vandalism and damage to our campus over the weekend. We are offering a reward leading to the arrests of those responsible. Please call CHS security or the Rio Rancho Police Department with any information you have. We are extremely (saddened) by the action of those that chose to bring such damage to our school and hope our community will help bring swift justice to those who chose to do this damage.”