District 2 Planning & Zoning Commissioner Jon Herr announced Saturday that he is running for Sandoval County Commissioner in 2024.

Herr officially launched his campaign for Sandoval County Commissioner in District 2 with a kickoff event at Brew Lab 101. District 2 serves residents from southeastern Rio Rancho.Herr, a Republican, is the first candidate to enter the race to replace current District 2 Commissioner Jay Block. Block, who is terming out in 2024, announced last month that he is running for state Senate in 2024.

Block and Commission Chair Dave Heil each endorsed Herr at the event Saturday.

“I’ve had experience working with Jon, and I really appreciate his support for fellow Republicans,” Heil said. “Jon, I think you’re an outstanding candidate for this, and I’m glad to see you getting out front in announcing your campaign. I know the Democrats are running scared trying to find somebody. I think you’ll do great.”

Herr was sponsored for the P&Z Commission earlier this year by Block. Block talked about the corruption issues that plagued the commission when he and Heil were elected in 2016 and the work they’ve done in Sandoval County to improve the economy and lower crime. He said Herr will continue to do that work.

“It’s important that we support and get behind Jon to protect this seat in Sandoval County and stay on the path of public safety and prosperity,” Block said. “It’s time that you stand up and fight and you get behind Jon so he can be on that commission and continue on the path of security and prosperity for the people of Sandoval County. I’m honored to support Jon to be our next county commissioner for District 2 and carry that legacy forward for the great people of Sandoval County.”

Herr, a lifelong New Mexico native, graduated from Taos High School before earning a a B.S. in electrical engineering at New Mexico State University. He moved to Rio Rancho in 1998. Herr has involved himself in the community. He was a volunteer for Civitan National for several years, where we helped the organization fundraise, provided civic assistance for handicapped individuals and provide aid in veteran projects.

“My passion is serving the community and serving you,” Herr said. “I want to make sure Sandoval County continues down the path of prosperity and safety.”

Herr said his top priorities are public safety, economic development and infrastructure in Sandoval County.

“Sandoval County has been a beacon of freedom and light for New Mexico,” Herr said. “Sandoval County is a place people want to come to because of good roads, good schools, safe streets and a place where we can raise families. I want to continue that legacy.”

Herr also has volunteered and worked to help conservative candidates get elected in Sandoval County. Herr has helped more than a handful of candidates through door knocking, organizing events and sharing the message that any person is entitled to freedom, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness. Herr recently completed his two-year term as treasurer for the Sandoval County Republican Party.

“New Mexico is unsafe. Sandoval County is a conservative oasis in a blue state,” Herr said. “Sandoval County is our home. Seeing in real time how current events are shaping our society, I want to work to preserve the values of Sandoval County. I want to keep our community free, secure and prosperous. One glance at the news, and it’s easy to see how progressive policies are quickly destroying our county, state and country.  I want to serve the citizens of Sandoval County by continuing what we’ve already started and standing tall against the radical left. I am not a career politician or lawyer, I’m a fellow citizen and want to make sure the conservative values that have made Sandoval County a great place to live are preserved for both present and future generations.”