Rio Rancho Fire and Rescue crews fight a fire Tuesday in the Willow Creek Trail area of the Rio Grande bosque. They were able to respond quickly to the report of smoke in the area because they’d started annual patrols in the bosque during the high fire danger season. Fire and Rescue Lt. Jessica Duron-Martinez said investigators believe a human caused the fire, although they’re not sure if it was intentional. Crews were able to keep the fire from spreading, but RRFR reminds everyone the high temperatures and lack of moisture has left vegetation tender-dry. The risk for wildfires in Rio Rancho is extremely high, and ban on open flames, fireworks and smoking in the bosque is in place. Courtesy of Rio Rancho Fire and Rescue Department

Unseasonably hot temperatures and lack of moisture has left Rio Rancho, like much of New Mexico, dry and experiencing a high risk for wildfires, which could be catastrophic.
Beginning this past Monday, Rio Rancho Fire and Rescue Department and the City of Rio Rancho enacted a temporary ban on outdoor burning until conditions improve. In addition, RRFR began its annual severity patrol of the Rio Grande bosque and west mesa.
The severity patrol consists of specially trained firefighters who regularly check on areas at risk of a wildfire spreading. The crew members will use a small brush-fire truck to provide quick response if fires are discovered.
They will be on duty every day from noon to 10 p.m. through the July 4 weekend.
Every year, illegal fireworks and improper use of fireworks pose an additional danger for fires. Residents are reminded to be extra cautious with fireworks and be vigilant for signs of smoke or fire.
The city prohibits fireworks that go higher than 10 feet or are louder than a cap gun. Look for the “Safe and Sane” label when purchasing fireworks, as these do not fly or explode.
If you purchase fireworks in Rio Rancho, the fire department has inspected and approved vendors to ensure that the “Safe and Sane” criteria has been met.
Fireworks that don’t meet this standard are illegal, and anyone caught in possession of them and/or using them may be subject to fireworks seizure, citation and penalty. A violation carries a potential fine of up to $500 and/or jail time of up to 90 days.