Revamped homes done by Habitat for Humanity in Albuquerque.(Habitat for Humanity Facebook)


For those who can’t afford a home in Sandoval County, help is on the way.

Habitat for Humanity, a national housing project, is coming.

According to the Marketing Manager Sean Friend, Habitat is still in the planning and setting the foundation phase. and is looking for entities to partner with in Rio Rancho.

“Obviously Rio Rancho, like any other big growing city in America, has an affordable housing problem,” said Habitat for Humanity Director of Operations Bill Bidal.

The average price for a home in Rio Rancho, according to, is $371,000. That is a 21-percent increase over last year.

Additionally, mortgage interest rates have been hovering around 8 percent as of October.

Bidal, who is a Rio Rancho resident and Intel retiree, said Habitat for Humanity focuses on building affordable, quality homes for those who can’t afford regular housing.

They offer mortgages at 0 percent interest.

They also have a Home Preservation and Repair program to keep the homes they build maintained.

The company has already done this successfully in Albuquerque with the Greater Albuquerque base.

They rely on volunteers and a few paid contractors to get the job done. Bidal said they can get as many as 60 or 70 volunteers, but they could always use more.

Mayor Gregg Hull said he plans on volunteering when he can.

“I do know how to use a hammer, and I will absolutely volunteer once given the opportunity,” he said.

But there is a catch; when people sign a contract for a home, they are also agreeing to work on it.

“Everyone participates in building their home. There have been times where neighbors help each other out and meet that way, too,” Bidal said.

How much quality does a person gets when they get a home through Habitat?

“We haven’t had a single complaint as far as quality goes. And these homes, just so you are aware, come with an all-electric build,”Bidal said. “They have solar, heat/cool.”

Bidal also said 3D printing was being used in other states and he would like to see that process here.