When discussion of the Second Amendment comes u,p it seems an interesting aspect of that amendment is seldom talked about and that is one of the intents of that amendment is, I believe, to give American citizens equal footing with their government when it comes to being armed. It seems to me the founders realized the benefits, and necessity, of having citizens armed equally to their government to either provide support for their government if needed OR to resist their own government if, at sometime in the future, it turned on the American people in a tyrannical manner.
From what I have read, it seems the founders wanted the government to respect, if not fear, its citizens who had the ability to stand up for themselves. This being said, it seems to me we are on a slippery slope with ever-increasing gun control. It also seems to me those supporting a socialistic form of government in D.C. and Santa Fe need to have complete control over our guns as they march toward implementing their preferred style form of socialistic, communistic government .
To me, every limit they put on magazine size, type of weapon, bureaucratic checks, etc. is an infringement on my rights guaranteed in the Second Amendment and those wanting to live under our constitutional form of government.

Ken Moulton

Rio Rancho