Are you ready for $5 gas? Michelle Lujan Grisham is proposing that New Mexico join California in requiring the reformulation of gasoline to make it “greener.”
This would involve the addition of more ethanol, etc.
Where is the price of gas in the $5-6 range? California!
Does gasohol save oil? When it first came on the market, my corn-farmer brother-in-law calculated the energy to grow and harvest the corn against the energy generated by the ethanol. More energy in than out. Monumentally stupid!
He was sure motorists would see through it and the gasohol market would collapse.
He figured without the powers of the federal government, and the Iowa caucuses.
Seeing that gasohol was here to stay, he decided that, if people were dumb enough to buy it, he was smart enough to sell it.
As the price of corn skyrocketed, well above the growth in pork prices, he found he could make much more money selling the corn than feeding it to his hogs.
He is no longer makin’ bacon, but inferior motor fuel. Noticed the price of bacon recently?
If you drive an older vehicle, Michelle’s boutique gas will make it run badly.
How about if you have a newer vehicle with that trendy “flex fuel” badge? It should run OK; if it doesn’t bother you that you are driving up the price of corn, and contributing to starvation in Africa and Asia, and that you are driving up the price of American-grown beef, causing us to source it from the Brazilians.
They are busy cutting down the Amazon rain forest to grow beef and ethanol.
Ken McDaniel
Rio Rancho