A grand jury indicted Elbert Turner on July 21 for murdering Marilyn Benham and Jordan Green and three counts of tampering with evidence.

Murder  is a first-degree felony and with a basic sentence of life in prison and a $17,500 fine. Each count of tampering with evidence is considered a capital crime with a basic sentence for 18 years and a $15,000 fine as a first-degree.

Those convicted of first-degree murder with possibility of parole are eligible for parole after 30 years has been served in prison. If not, the prisoner stays in prison until death.

Turner was charged with two counts of first degree murder and three counts of tampering with evidence by the grand jury.

The grand jury indictment does not mean that Turner has been convicted; it just means that enough evidence and probable cause was found to go to trial for the crimes committed.

The events leading to Turner’s arrest can be read at rrobserver.com/man-arrested-for-killing-two-people-living-on-his-property/.