Video: Democrats cheered as Grisham approached the mic and she responded with a little dance


Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham visited RR Sandoval County Democrats on September 7 to remind them what elections are about. And she did it in heels, while standing on a table with a busted knee.

In recent years, voter turnout in RR specifically has been below 20% of registered voters according to voter population data provided by the state. The Governor has noticed and she is angry.

β€œAnd now I’m going to be a little angry Democrats all across the country. And right here, right here in this community people don’t show up in the same numbers as we do in a general election. And while we always know what’s at stake in terms of the democracy to the US Senate, and for presidential campaigns, what I think we’ve learned through all this trauma since the Trump presidency today is by God states matter,” she said.

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham stood on a table to speak to the crowd.

She also said that even if people don’t want to vote for her, they still need to vote because democracy depends on it. Though, she would appreciate votes for her re-election. And she expressed gratitude to those who are new candidates in the upcoming election.

City Councilor Karissa Culbreath, who attended the speech, was especially thanked by the Governor for her hard work on the council.

She went on to talk about the issues that run rampant in both RR and Albuquerque saying that homelessness and crime are top of the list for her focus currently.

“We are buying out hotels to try and accommodate people who don’t have a home. It will hopefully buy them some time to get a job and eventually a home of their own,” she explained.

Since Albuquerque closed down the Coronado Park, which was a site for homeless, the concern has risen due to the sheer number of homeless people right now.

The Governor also recognized the shortage of staff in the police forces of NM after COVID.

“We announced that $42 million will be for 317 new officers,” she said.

Her office announced this on the same day (Sept. 7).

She emphasized that the rebuilding of our state after COVID is a constant task.

“We are fixing as we go. It is like driving a train and building the track at the same time,” she said.