Stacey Goldstein-Dwyer of GD Psych Services in Rio Rancho presents a talk about good mental-health business practices at the Grow Your Business Expo at Santa Ana Star Center in February.
Photo Amy Byres/Observer

GD Psych Services, which opened in Rio Rancho in 2018, continues to find out-of-the-box ways to serve area residents.

“We’re giving back to our community in a lot of different ways,” said practice co-owner and psychologist Stacey Goldstein-Dwyer.

In addition to therapy for relationship and psychological issues in all ages, GD Psych Services partners with an Albuquerque business to help people get evaluated for and diagnosed with autism, if the results indicate that’s the case, in less than the two years most wait lists require. In another partnership, this one with a local ranch, clients can participate in equine psychotherapy.

With many people needing medication for mental-health issues, GD Psych Services offers online access to prescribers so patients are better able to get what they need. Clients can also use secure tele-health options, especially during social distancing to fight the novel coronavirus.

The practice offers tests of learning ability and neuro-psychology, which includes fitness-for-duty exams, and has brought on additional providers to meet the need for those services, Goldstein-Dwyer said.

As a veteran and member of a military family, she has a special focus on military members, veterans and their families. Most of her providers have military connections, she said.

To contact GD Psych Services, call 218-6383 or visit