After what seems like an eternity, gas prices are dropping in Rio Rancho.

Just a couple weeks ago, the average price was nearly five dollars for a gallon of unleaded gasoline. Now it is closer to $4.15, depending on the gas station.

The lowest price, according to GasBuddy in Rio Rancho on July 12, was $3.89 at Speedway at 3601 Pat D’Arco Highway.

 But some say it isn’t going to stay low or that it still isn’t enough.

“I think it’s great that it’s not $4.50 any more, but even at $3.95, it has had a major impact on my personal budget to the point where I’m working just to pay for gas so I can keep going to work,” Rio Rancho driver Daniel Mott said.

Daniel Mott collects stickers for his Mazda Miata. (Michaela Helean)

Mott, who drives a Mazda Miata (a car that is known for it’s mileage and tank/gas/price ratio), pays $50 dollars a week for gas. That is about $200 every month.

However, there are differing prices everywhere.

At the Phillips 66 in Rio Rancho, the price for regular gas is $4.13 and diesel is $5.23. Down the way at the Warrior in Bernalillo, it is $3.98 for regular and $4.95 for diesel. At the Speedway on 528 it is $4.14 and diesel is $5.27.

According to the Energy Information Administration, gas prices depend on how much crude is available and how much the consumer is using. 

On July 12, AAA said that the average national price for a gallon of unleaded was at $4.65.

In New Mexico statewide it is $4.475 per gallon. In Sandoval County, it’s lower at $4.245.

A year ago in New Mexico the price per gallon was $3.088, according to AAA.