The Placitas Community Library Art Committee has implemented an art gallery in the Placitas Community Library entitled “Art Inspired by Art,” which showcases local artists’ works and their inspirations.

The gallery went on display on July 8 and will remain until Aug. 31. It is open to the public during the library’s business hours, and all displayed art is for sale.

The artist’s reception took place Friday evening, where about 25 artists attended to showcase their work.

Rebecca Cohen is a member of the committee. She said that the committee had the idea for this month’s gallery over a year ago.

“Why do people do what they do? How did they come up with the ideas? We thought we would delve into that,” Cohen said.

The artwork consists of a variety of media, including clay, jewelry, metal, mosaic, fiberwood and paint.

David Croxton is a woodworker whose work is displayed in the library. Basket illusion is an artform that emerged in the 2000s, where woodworking is utilized to mimic the look of a woven basket, according to Croxton.

Two of his baskets were displayed, and he said that each piece took 90 hours of work.

“It’s really intricate and really detailed,” Croxton said, adding that a lot of artists attempt the work but don’t finish. “They choose not to continue with it, because it is such a time intensive and labor intensive process.”

Croxton’s basket illusion piece (Lauren Lifke)

Elizabeth Potter is another local artist whose work is featured in the gallery. She is a quilling artist who created a colorful piece that was inspired by black-and-white art by printmaker Deitrich Varez.

“I love this piece. I’m very excited about it,” Potter said. “It’s not representative of what I usually do.”

Elizabeth Potter and her work (Lauren Lifke)

Art Committee chair member Geri Verble has a piece in the gallery that was inspired by architecture. She is a jewelry maker who created a pair of earrings inspired by architect Frank Gehry.

Verble’s display (Lauren Lifke)

Verble said that she usually does more traditional jewelry but was inspired by the theme of this month’s gallery, which she helped to decide.

“It’s just an interesting concept,” she said. “This is probably the most well-attended (reception) that I think we’ve had in a long time.”

The gallery will remain in the Gracie Lee Community Room at the library until a new one called “About Women” is implemented in September. For more information, visit the Placitas Community Library website.