The Shamrock Shuffle was back on March 12 for its annual healthy and lucky run in Loma Colorado.

Every year, the Shamrock Shuffle takes place near the Aquatic Center and Rio Rancho High School.

It is a tiring course for some as part of the run is uphill and March tends to be windy. Despite that, a few individuals surprised Run Fit hosts, like one man who finished in third place for the four-miler while pushing a double stroller.

Many kept the event fun with green tutus and even a viking helmet. Bystanders also showed support for their prospective family and friends.

See the top three times for each category below.

First person to finish their run overall, Phil Keller.(Video by Michaela Helean)

Top three for 4 miler:

  1. Phil Keller, of Albuquerque, with a 23.15 minute time.
  2. Victoria Collins, of Rio Rancho, with a 28.36 minute time.
  3. Jeremy Snyder, of Baltimore, Maryland, with a 29.26 minute time.

Some were dressed up in green gear for St. Patrick’s Day.(Video by Michaela Helean)

Top three for 10 miler:

  1. Paul LeFrancois, of Santa Fe, with a 1:01:00 time.
  2. Tyrell Natewa, of Albuquerque, with a 1:01:40 time.
  3. Shawn Clark, of Sandia Park, with a 1:08:12 time.

This man finished 3rd for the four mile run while pushing a baby stroller.(Video by Michaela Helean)

Top three for 10K(6.2 miles):

  1. Aadi Bhandari, of Albuquerque, with a 41 minute and one second time.
  2. Miguel Sandoval, of Colorado Springs, with a 41 minute and 26 second time.
  3. Sal Gonzales, of Rio Rancho, with a 42 minute and 24 second time.

The results for all contestants can be found on the Run Fit website at